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Sustainable Wellbeing.


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Our specialised and innovative allied therapy specialists include: 

About Us

Vines Therapy delivers innovative and customised allied therapy care and solutions to enhance your wellbeing, improve your quality of life and socio-economic participation. 

We are a research-informed, purpose-driven allied therapy social enterprise.

Child Development
and Adolescent Therapy 

Adult Daily Living
Assessment and Therapy 

Psychology and Wellbeing Programs 

Psychology, NDIS, Mental Health

Diagnostic Assessments
eg. Autism, ADHD, and more  

NDIS, Autism, Diagnosis

Speech, language and non-verbal communication solutions

Peads and Adult OT

Housing and Assistive Technology Assessment


Our Solutions

Trauma-aware approach that is mindful of how trauma impacts our lives, working with you safely towards wholeness (where possible and permissible).

Narrative-based approach that sees you, the client, as central and part of a wider story, with dignity and a sense of worth. 

Research-informed innovative and client-centric solutions that focuses on enhancing an individual’s skills, wellbeing and meaningful participation in everyday life. 

We are ambitious to journey with you during key milestones, significant moments and life transitions.

Our ambitious for you approach™ prioritises:

Our Approach 

The Vines Wellbeing Dimensions (Person, Purpose, Place, Prudence and Participation)™ shape our approach to allied therapy care, wellbeing solutions and diagnostic assessments. 


We call this our ambitious for you approach.™ 

We bring our passion, learning and insights to sustainably partner with you to realise your hopes, dreams and wellbeing goals. 

Our Approach, Ambitious

Ambitious for you™ to:

Enhance your quality of life

Have a powered wheelchair so you can meet your mates at the pub

Improve your handwriting so you can get your pen licence

Learn your sounds so you can read your first book to your nan

Walk the 50 steps needed to walk your daughter down the aisle

Modify your kitchen so you can cook healthy meals for your family. 

@Vines Therapy, we are ambitious for you to enhance your quality of life. 

Our specialised and highly trained team supports and partners with you in achieving your health and wellbeing hopes, dreams, and goals. 

The Vines Therapy team will work with you to create suitable therapy and wellbeing solutions to help you make the most of your NDIS Plan.

We are ambitious for you in many ways.

Ambitious for you approach™ 

Funding Schemes 

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Private Insurance


Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or Home Care Package (HCP) funding.

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